California Commercial Capital is a boutique commercial real estate financing firm headquartered in Los Angeles, California whose goal is to meet the commercial real estate and business financing needs of real estate investors and business owners in Southern California. We pride ourselves on being a one-stop shop for our clients, whose unique financing needs are met with innovative, creative loan solutions. Moreover, our invaluable lending experience allows them to seize business opportunities timely and without hassle.
From bank-underwritten commercial real estate loans featuring the most competitive terms to flexible private financing options, our clients’ loan requests are matched with the right loan programs that meet their individual needs. More importantly, we make sure that our clients get the results they have come to expect from professionals with over 25 years of experience in the banking and lending arena. If you want your commercial real estate or business loan handled professionally and with integrity, we invite you to pleasantly experience working with a California Commercial Capital loan officer. We are here to serve you.


Small Business Administration (SBA) loans are designed to assist business owners grow their businesses. Small business owners can greatly benefit from working with us because of our combined 25 years small business lending…

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California Commercial Capital is also a great source for small-balance, bank underwritten commercial real estate loans.  Our loans feature minimal or no prepayment penalties and also very competitive rates…

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We are fortunate to have an expansive and diverse base of private investors who are anxious to place their funds in trust deed investments, enabling us to fund and close transactions in a timely…

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Closing Your Commercial Real Estate or Business Loan is Our Goal

You don’t have time to sit and wait for people to get back to you, watching opportunities slip away left and right. When a great opportunity presents itself, you need to be able to act QUICK and seize the opportunity before it gets away! Like a rare bird that is only seen once in awhile, you have a small window of time to close the deal, or it could be gone a moment later. We take what is a long, arduous and time-consuming process and condense into a handful of simple steps, minimizing downtime and optimizing speediness and efficiency! You have to have money to make money, and having a dependable, reliable source makes all the difference.

We at California Commercial Capital understand that and have realized that it’s worth us putting in the extra time and effort to ensure that these deals go the smoothest they can go.

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    I recently bought a commercial property in Los Angeles and California Commercial Capital was one of the recommended financing avenues. It was indeed a good recommendation by the seller. My whole experience turned out to be very positive and painless. This 5 stars review goes to team at California Commercial Capital. They are patient, reliable, responsive and thorough. More importantly, they summarizes and highlights the bullet point, thereby saving you from information overload. I'd highly recommend CCC for your financing needs.



    I worked with my loan office on our business refinance. My partner and I are extremely happy with the rate, the process and the interaction California Commercial Capital. They are knowledgeable and informative and always available by email or phone. I switched jobs in the middle of the loan process. They not only extended our loan closing period and sent me reminders of required documents when I started my new job, he streamlined the otherwise-painful loan application process. Highly recommend.



    As a first time commercial real estate buyer, I needed of a Commercial Loan Officer that could guide me throughout the entire financing process. My loan officer at CCC guided me from day 1 to closing. He was very professional, easily reachable, and prompt. I had the utmost confidence in his expertise and understanding of the application process. I would recommend CCC’s team to anyone interested in making their commercial property buying experience as pleasant as possible.

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